In the Press

“Clark is a well-respected…political operative who has run statewide campaigns over the past two decades…He’s thrifty and sharp, too.”

San Francisco Chronicle, 4/17/16

“Tim Clark is a 22-year veteran of battles in the public arena.  He sees an electorate sick and tired of sending people to Washington who cave into the pressures there.”

Citizens Journal, 8/8/16

“Clark’s client list includes former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman, who ran for governor in 2009…several top GOP officials…[and] a multitude of state lawmakers.”

The Hill, 4/12/16

“The notice that Team Trump just hired Tim Clark to help run their California operation certainly helps ensure a well-organized GOTV effort.

Capitol Weekly, 4/15/16

The Facebook user is the motor in California,” Clark said. “It’s become the new direct mail. This hasn’t been door to door, it’s been computer to computer. This is the kind of movement that if you just give it a little organization, it’s going to take off. And that’s what I’m going to help ramp up quickly.”

San Francisco Chronicle, 4/17/16

“If you want to mess, bring it on,” Trump’s California state director, Tim Clark explained. “This [California] delegation was built for a fight. If the Never Trumpers want to start something, they have to go through us.

San Francisco Chronicle, 7/18/16

“Let’s just say that [Clark’s] firm took no prisoners; they weren’t afraid to play hardball, so the Trump campaign in California probably got just who they were looking for.”

Capitol Weekly, 4/15/16

“Clark, who has not lost a statewide primary race, said he won’t need on-the-job preparation.”

Sacramento Bee, 4/12/16

“’I am pleased to bring Tim on board to organize what is a very important state. I know he will be an asset to the team and ultimately deliver a win in California.’  – Candidate Donald J. Trump.”

Fresno Bee, 4/12/16

“Mr. Clark is not only overseeing California, he’s charged with securing New Mexico, a Democratic target, as well as protecting Nevada and Arizona for the Republicans. He’s also shepherding, Texas, a conservative stronghold and Utah, which Mitt Romney is attempting to put into play.”

Citizens Journal, 8/8/16

“Donald Trump’s message of fiscally sound government, restored economic prosperity, and strong national security is reenergizing our Party’s conservative base…By harnessing the excitement surrounding Mr. Trump’s candidacy, it’s our intention to deliver one-hundred and seventy-two delegates for Trump to the national convention.”

Breitbart, 4/12/16

“Last year, Clark spent only $200,000 to help John Moorlach win an Orange County state Senate seat over an opponent who spent roughly four times that much.”

San Francisco Chronicle, 4/17/16